The music of Scott Alan will come alive in a new reading of ‘Home: The Musical’

Scott Alan

Scott Alan

Any aspiring artist today could take a lesson from Scott Alan on what it truly means to be dedicated.

For someone who has achieved beauty and acclaim through his music, he has managed to remain humble and driven toward all of his goals, no matter what price he’s had to pay along the way. Now it’s paid off in a public reading for his newest musical, entitled Home.

If you aren’t familiar with Alan himself, it’s still possible you’ve stumbled across his music at some point. Alan has released four albums, all of which are compilations of songs he’s written.

His debut album Dreaming Wide Awake: The Music of Scott Alan came out in 2007, showcasing the voices of Stephanie J. Block, Cheyenne Jackson, Liz Callaway and Jonathan Groff, to name a few. This album simply bursts with star power and lovely music, including my personal favorite “Kiss the Air”. However, the creation of this album took huge amounts of hard work on Alan’s part.

Alan was forced to work three jobs in order to produce Dreaming Wide Awake. He explained in a recent blog post that he worked at Stonewall Inn in the West Village to fund his second album entitled Keys, which featured Julia Murney, Sutton Foster and Hadley Fraser, among many others.

He also toured and taught master classes in order to come up with a third album, What I Wanna Be When I Grow Up, and the most recent, Live. I for one, am extremely grateful that through his perseverance, he was able to show New York his astounding talents. It’s a tough business, and yet he has never given up.

So, what is it that makes Alan special besides his unbelievable work ethic? His songs are absolutely stunning, and in each piece he’s written, he tells a little story.  For example in his song entitled “Now”, sung by Laura Osnes in the Live album, a woman pours out her emotions to an ex-lover through his answering machine. The sweet low notes and heart-wrenching lyrics are enough to make anyone weep.

Alan has written a musical that debuted in September 2002 at the Complex Theater called Detour, and now eleven years later, his newest endeavor will be staged as a public reading on June 27.

Home is about a woman named Katherine (to be played by Betsy Wolfe in the reading) who is returning to her childhood home after nine years. She has found out that her mother (played by Diane Ladd) has been diagnosed with cancer. Katherine is overwhelmed by familiar essences and waves of nostalgia upon returning home, and ultimately comes to terms with her mother, her childhood and most importantly, herself.

Allie Trimm will be portraying Kat, a teenage version of Katherine, and the role of Katie (the youngest depiction of Katherine) has not been announced yet. The reading will be directed by Stafford Arima with a book by Christy Hall.

Alan has put his heart and soul into this piece over the course of many years, and it is finally getting its chance to move forward. Songs from this musical include “Home”, “Never Neverland (Fly Away)” and “High.” The score has emotional moments and quite a few twists of humor. Given the subject matter, it’s amazing that Alan has found a balance between the humor in songs such as “High” and the primary message of the musical.

Alan is brilliant, and the story he tells through this musical is a deep and touching one. It’s almost as if his whole career has led up to unveiling this newest work of his, and I wish him all the best with what it turns out to be. If there’s a producer out there that comes across this piece, there is no doubt we will be seeing even bigger things from Home and from Alan very soon.

I have loved the songs from Home in particular for a long time, and have been hoping to see it staged ever since I first discovered it.  If I could, I’d take it to Broadway and beyond!

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