The Race to the 2013 Tonys: A look at the candidates for Best Musical

When arriving at a theatre and seeing the two big, bold words proclaiming “Best Musical” on a flashy marquee, a few facts are certain. First of all, it will be impossible to get tickets to this show for a few months. Secondly, this company has gained this year’s Broadway bragging rights. Of course, the musical that has earned this prestigious honor has worked tirelessly, performed impeccably, and is both well-deserving and worth seeing.

This morning gave us the moment we have been waiting for since the day after last year’s Tony Awards: this year’s nominations.

For Best Musical, the 2013 nominees are Bring It On, Kinky Boots, Matilda and A Christmas Story.

"Bring It On."

“Bring It On.”

Bring it On is a musical comedy that has taken the values of friendship and teamwork to new, gravity-defying heights. The musical follows the story of cheerleading captain Campbell, who has been redistricted to a high school where she feels like she does not belong. Along the road, filled with vibrant choreography and catchy pop-infused tunes, she learns that there is more to life than just winning. Although this short-lived musical did not receive all the time it deserved on Broadway, it was certainly honored today with its double nominations.

"Kinky Boots."

“Kinky Boots.”

Kinky Boots, which received the most recognition today with a whopping thirteen nominations, rightfully earned a Best Musical nominee slot as well. This extraordinarily energetic and hilarious show is based on a true story (and a film by the same name). Charlie Price’s world is rocked by the unexpected death of his father, which forces him to return to his family business, a struggling shoe factory. While trying to think of ways to keep the business alive, he meets a gorgeous drag queen named Lola who suggests crafting women’s shoes for men as a way to make profit. A plan as crazy as this just has to work, and it makes for a brilliantly crafted musical.



Since making its successful West End debut, everyone’s favorite little genius has trekked all the way over to Broadway to show New York exactly what she can do. Matilda, scooping up a dozen nominations, is about a girl who uses her incredible powers to rebel against her cruel parents and nasty headmistress as a force of good. Her “revolting” classmates join her in this fiercely spirited yet touching musical. The Matilda girls will also be receiving a special award on June 9, and it’s obvious that their talents will lead them to even more greatness in the future.

"A Christmas Story."

“A Christmas Story.”

The seasonal A Christmas Story (based on the delightful film) is about a boy named Ralphie who, more than anything, wishes for a Red Ryder BB Gun for Christmas. With classic moments such as the dare to lick a frozen pole resulting in a stuck tongue and an appearance by an unconventional leg lamp, A Christmas Story created loads of laughs and warm fuzzies for its audience members during its run this winter. The musical gained three nominations.

Snub: Hands on a Hardbody. This musical should have been acknowledged so much more than it was. Although it did pick up a few nominations (including one for Best Score) it would have been terrific to see this all-American spectacle placed in this category as well.

My prediction: I am seeing a close race between Kinky Boots and Matilda in the future but ultimately it will be Matilda taking home the award.

Who do you think will take home the gold? Leave your predictions in the comments below!

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