The book club officially launches!


Anthony Rapp in the film version of “Rent.”

The book club starts today!

We have given you all ample time to pick up Anthony Rapp’s memoir Without You so we hope you are ready to spend April reliving the magic of Rent and seeing one of our favorite Broadway actor’s life through a different lens.

How this is going to work is pretty simple.

Every Monday we will have a post with a few discussion questions and we’ll use the comments section of the site as a message board where you can interact with others who are reading the book as well.

Because we are just kicking things off today, we decided to put a rough outline of reading assignments for the month of April. And to keep us on some sort of regular schedule, every Monday will be known as “book club day” to discuss the previous week’s reading.

If it turns out Monday isn’t a good day, we can change it at a later date.

So for next week, participants should read pages 1-90. It might seem like a lot but my goal is to finish one book per month.

I’m really excited about this and I hope all of you are too. Happy reading!

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