The Top 10 Aaron Tveit Performances of All Time

Aaron Tveit

Aaron Tveit

In the spirit of Aaron Tveit’s upcoming shows at NYC’s 54 Below, I thought it might be a bit of fun to look back on some of his greatest performances and deem one of them as “The Greatest Aaron Tveit Performance of All Time.” Those of you that know and love him know that it’s hard to choose just one. So here’s ten of them:

10) “One Song Glory” – Rent at the Hollywood Bowl

Tveit’s performance of this stand-out-song from one of the greatest rock musicals of all time is one I couldn’t overlook. Finally, we get to hear a rock and roll growl in his usually behaved singing voice. It certainly satisfies a need to hear Aaron sing something outside of show tunes and shows his real range as a performer.

9) “Fly, Fly Away” – Miscast 2010

Long before the sad departure of Catch Me if You Can, Tveit, in the spirit of Miscast, sang his co-star Kerry Butler’s shining number as Brenda. This rendition is truly moving and shows his impressive range, especially at the 4 minute mark.

8) “Stuck Together” – Catch Me if You Can Barnes and Noble Soundtrack Release

Here’s another hit from Catch Me if You Can, where Tveit gets a little jazzy with his partner in crime, Norbert Leo Butz. Besides having incredible chemistry with Butz, this song shows a little more of his personality which includes little hip wiggles and impromptu choreography.

7) “Goodbye” – Macy’s Men Style Event

Have you seen a trend here? Tveit really shined in this musical, based on the real life of Frank Abagnale Jr. His vocals are amazing and he showed off his acting chops as well. If anyone didn’t believe in his abilities before, this performance was proof enough.

6) “Dancing Through Life” – Wicked

In this performance clip from Wicked, we see Tveit’s interpretation of the dashing Prince Fiyero Tigelaar. He moves fluidly and naturally across the stage with impeccable comedic timing, as you’ll see in the clips to come.

5) “I am the One” – Tony Awards 2009

In Next to Normal, we get to see a darker side of Tveit’s acting. As the character Gabe Goodman, he haunts the audience and his parents. Some think his character’s delivery is almost seductive, and I can’t disagree.

4) “Run Away with Me” – Zipper Theatre Concert, 2008

Now, there are many clips circulating of various actors singing this song from Glee’s Grant Gustin to Michael Arden. In my opinion, this one is the best, though I may be a bit biased. Tveit’s singing makes you feel the emotion with every single word that comes out of his mouth and this song is a prime example of his abilities.

3) “Seven Wonders” – Sirius XM Live on Broadway

Now, who wouldn’t want to be serenaded by Tveit? This song always seems to make people swoon and sigh and his smooth-as-velvet voice aids in that for sure. This song just proves that Tveit can do a ballad justice.

2) “I’m Alive” – Next to Normal Barnes and Noble Soundtrack Release

There’s nothing better than the original and this is the case with “I’m Alive”. This one is a classic for Tveit fans and it was a heavy contender for the number one spot. His passionate performance makes him a tough act to follow. His consistent drive really makes the song his own

And, without further ado, the “Greatest Aaron Tveit Performance of ALL TIME”.

1) “What is This Feeling? (Loathing)” – Miscast 2009

If you’re ever having a bad day, just watch this video. Not only is the singing phenomenal in this Miscast clip from both Butz and Tveit, but the banter between them on their experiences as Fiyero will have you rolling on the floor laughing. Not to mention that the dancing is quite spectacular, if by spectacular you mean hilarious and head-turning. The chemistry between him and Norbert is so natural and fun. Overall, these 5 minutes of Tveit are some of the funniest and fantastic moments I’ve witnessed.

So, what do YOU think? Leave your comments with any songs you would put on your list and what you would put as number one.

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4 Responses

  1. I definitely agree with what you have put together, and thank you for putting them all in one space so we don’t have to search for them. But, of course, we now have to consider the clips from his 54 Below concerts … the Taylor Swft song, which is just so cute and funny and shows Aaron off so well, and the “goof up” in lyrics in “I could be in love with someone like you”, which is quite possibly my favorite. Being the perfectionist that he is, that had to be a very hard moment for him but he made light of it with is comments. Just love this guy and his amazing voice!

  2. Great choices, but I’d have put his cover of “Back To Before” (Miscast 2009) in the top 3.

  3. I agree with all of the above, although I’d add “Along the Way” to the list -it shows off his great voice and his cute but subtle acting choices while singing the song

  4. I have to say that my favorites of his (and they’re on this list, too!) are his performances of:
    -“Run Away With Me”
    – “I Am The One” Tonys 2009
    – “What Is This Feeling?” Miscast w/ Norbert Leo Butz
    They all show the versatility of his voice and they just fully capture my attention. But you’re right, it’s really hard to choose, and that’s a large part of why I really respect him as a performer.