Theatre Talk Thursday: Which Broadway star do you want to have a drink with?

Everyone has that one celebrity that they would love to spend some one-on-one time with. And last Thursday, while I was watching 1600 Penn, I made an off-handed comment about Josh Gad being my number one pick as the Broadway star I’d love to hang out with. To my surprise, Josh replied in the affirmative that he would accept my offer to grab a beer.

Check out why drinks with Josh would be the ultimate in awesome plans and who other members of the chose as their drinking buddy:

Josh Gad

Josh Gad

Samantha, Founder and Editor-in-Chief

There are actors I would love to spend an afternoon in deep discussion with (Christian Borle, Santino Fontana) and there are those whom I’d love to celebrate a holiday with (the Keenan-Bolgers) but when it comes to who I most want to spend an evening with at a pub there’s only one answer: Josh Gad.

Irreverent, hilarious, dirty and brilliant are just a few of the words that come to mind when I think of Josh. Not only was he the original Arnold Cunningham (my favorite Mormon) in The Book of Mormon but his new series 1600 Penn is laugh-out-loud funny thanks to his witticisms. Josh is the kind of guy who I imagine being a “true bro” and as a dad to a toddler, Ava Tanya, Josh (and his lovely wife Ida Darvish) deserves a drink.

Who wouldn’t want to hang out with a guy with a never-ending supply of clever remarks and a Miss Piggy impression in his back pocket?

Alan, Managing Editor

I would die happy if I could get a drink with Mark Rylance. I saw him in Jerusalem in 2011 and the play and his performance in it blew me away. He was the first Artistic Director at Shakespeare’s Globe in London where he played Olivia in a highly anticipated all-male production of Twelfth Night. If that sounds weird, the audiences didn’t think so. It was so popular he reprised the role again just last year. From actor to director to playwright Rylance is a man of many accomplishments, a highly skilled performer, and a hard worker who exhibits a great respect for theater both classic and modern. A talk about volleyball or Shakespeare would be amazing and a couple drinks would be icing on the cake.

Hayley, Assistant and Contributing Writer

The Broadway star I’d want to have a drink with is Ben Fankhauser. He seems like such a hilarious guy. And I’m sure he’s got lots of great stories to tell about the Newsies cast. Maybe if I offered to pick up the tab, he’d teach me his mad riffing skills or even perform a little Beyonce for me. Because let’s be honest, that boy can sing!

Idina Menzel

Idina Menzel

Wendi, Video Blogger

I would love nothing more than to enjoy a round of apple martinis with the fantastic and iconic Idina Menzel. She is truly one of the most talented treasures that Broadway has and it would be a huge honor to be able to hear all of her stories, listen to her inevitable words of wisdom, gossip about some upcoming projects and chit chat like the best friends I know we would become. Aside from her acting and singing genius, she seems like such a down to earth and fun person that I’m sure would make drinks-date unforgettable (I mean, any meeting with Idina would be far from forgotten) and just so much fun. And, once we were a few drinks in (well, once I was a few drinks in…) we could have a duet jam session of all my favorite show tunes (I’d have to have at least a few drinks in me to sing in public next to this icon). And if Sutton Foster and Aaron Tveit wanted to crash our little party, I definitely would not object.

Jackee, Intern

Out of all the amazing Broadway stars out there, I would most love to have a drink with Kristin Chenoweth.  I have already had the immense pleasure of meeting her twice. She is one of the warmest, friendliest, and kindest celebrities I have ever met.  Kristin suffers from Ménière’s disease, an inner-ear disorder that can cause vertigo, headaches and nausea, among other symptoms. She has said that during some performances she has had to lean on her co-stars to keep her balance and that it has caused her to miss performances.  Every night she performed as Glinda in Wicked, Kristin had to face her fears as she descended from the sky in a giant bubble.  I admire her bravery in the face of adversity. Kristin is incredibly humble, fortuitous and I would love for the chance to meet her in a bar and pick her brain.

Cheyenne Jackson

Cheyenne Jackson

Josh, Columnist

If I could have coffee with any Broadway star, I would most definitely pick Cheyenne Jackson. Why, do you ask? Well. Not only has Cheyenne racked up an impressive set of roles on Broadway (Chad in All Shook Up, Sonny in Xanadu, and Woody in Finian’s Rainbow, to name a few), but he has also worked in television and film, and still finds time to tweet hilarious life discoveries and anecdotes that keep me laughing year-round. Also, you may have noticed this, but his range does not end. Whether it’s a Tony show-stopper or a cruise ship performance (please watch him singing “A Change is Gonna Come” on YouTube—just, please—), Cheyenne gives everything he has and makes it look effortless. He also seems very real to me; he says it like it is and doesn’t mind being honest about his opinions. I like that. I think if he and I had coffee, I would find myself laughing a lot and listening to him talk more about everyday things than his experiences on Broadway. I feel like it would be a normal, enjoyable conversation. And then, of course, I would insist that he break into song so that everyone in the coffee shop could admire his stunning vocals. And when he humbly refused, I would make sure to get his autograph for a lucky recipient of a giveaway!

Now that you know who we want to have drinks with, it’s your turn to weigh in! Which Broadway star do you want to hang out with most?

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  1. If I’m not confined by Broadway only folks here, I’d have to say sitting down and having a few pints with Killian Donnelly and George Blagden would be the tops! George is just starting, sure, but he seems like a nice lad and I’d love to talk to him more about his future plans.
    And Killian! Well, Mr. Donnelly, often called the “super-swing,” is just ludicrously talented! Who WOULDN’T take the chance to be his drinking buddy? He’s still pretty young but already has such a wide berth of experience – what a chance that would be!