Theatre Talk Thursday: Who would you cast as yourself in a play or musical about you?

Who hasn’t stopped to think about who would play them in a film or on the stage?  It’s definitely a tempting thought, combing through your favourite actors and actresses for that one special performer who can perfectly replicate your particular brand of personality, who can bring you to life with just the right amount of panache.  It’s a hard decision, particularly with so many talented performers out there, but look at it this way: if there are that many talented thespians around, surely there’s one for everyone?  So who would you cast as yourself in a play or musical about you?

David Thaxton.

David Thaxton.

Monte, creative director

When picking out an actor to play me in any kind of stage production, it’s sort of difficult to figure out who would be the best fit.  The general consensus among friends is that he would have to look good in a suit, and be able to play a range of  moods.  Looks are very difficult to match with me – I’ve got something of an unorthodox face, and my hair has been just about every possible length (save very short) and has been both blond and black.  Ultimately, and after a little egging on, I’ve gone with (and quite fittingly so) with a West End actor, David Thaxton.  He’s a damn good actor who has the versatility required to portray me on stage (particularly as any production centered on even part of my life is likely to be something of a rollercoaster).  It also helps that he’s definitely got the voice and stamina for it too.  On top of that, the man has a respect for writing and characterisation that would ensure that he approached the role in a way that gave depth to and shed light on different facets of the character based on me, and that’s always something that I want to see in a portrayal of any character.

Alan, managing editor

Asking “which actor would play you?” is a bit of a dilemma. Do you go for matching looks, egotistically good-looking looks (actors are more attractive than most people) or something about their personality that would help them best portray you? Maybe, if you’re lucky, you can find an answer that’s a bit of all three. I was not aware of this actor before someone else mentioned our resemblance, but I can safely say that Nic Rouleau would be a good match. He was Andrew Rannells‘ replacement for Elder Price in The Book of Mormon. After his Broadway debut, Rouleau went to open Mormon in Chicago where he is currently reprising the role of Elder Price. Hopefully we’ll still both look similar 50 years from now when I’ve done enough to make a musical out of. Here’s hoping!

Josh, columnist

This is a difficult question since I’m still so young! I would have to pick from my list of versatile actors that I believe can play any role: Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Emile Hirsch, Anton Yelchin, Ben Whishaw, Andrew Garfield or James Franco. I would probably go with Gordon-Levitt, mainly because I would be intrigued to see how he’d portray my serious side and my goofier moments. He is one of the hardest-working and most talented actors working today, so I think he’s a safe choice.

Laura Osnes.

Laura Osnes.

Wendi, multimedia reporter

Laura Osnes, hands down. Aside from the fact that she’s an incredible actress with a beautiful voice (have I gushed enough?), she seems like such a fun-loving and outgoing girl, something I think we would have in common. I would absolutely love to see her play the leading lady in a musical about my life, and all the prep work where we’d hang out and become best friends wouldn’t hurt either! So when you’re done with Cinderella, Laura, give me a call!

Claire, senior reporter

If we wanted to get very technical, the person who would play me in a musical would be about 3/4 Kristin Chenoweth and 1/4 Leslie Mann, but if I had to choose one whole person it would absolutely be Kristin. Like her, I am 4’11,” blonde, bubbly and slightly off-beat in the humor department. From far away the girl and I are twins. In a musical about my life, I would so enjoy watching Kristin revisiting my most significant moments and making them more interesting by adding some astronomical high notes. When staging my musical, I would also request that she recreated the opening scene from her sitcom Kristin in which she is at an audition with a perky ponytail surrounded by 6-foot-tall chorus girls who tower over her. Story of my life right there. Preach Kristin, preach.

Renee, administrative assistant

If I could choose anyone to play me in a musical about my life, I would choose Katie Hall. I admire her talents greatly and I think she is fantastic in every role she plays. She is very close in age to me and out of many of the younger actresses of this generation, she is the one who most looks like me. Even though she is British and I am not, she would definitely be my first pick if I were casting myself in a show about my life.

Sutton Foster.

Sutton Foster.

Amelia, writer

Sutton Foster would most definitely play me. I watch her on Bunheads and ask myself (out loud) how it is possible that we are so similar! I look a lot like her. Tap dancing is my favorite thing. She’s loud, I’m loud. She is sassy, witty and quirky and I like to think that I am also all of those things. I would definitely be honored if she were to play me in a musical about my life.

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  1. Of course Monte would be Thaxton… I choose America Ferrera for me.

    • In my defence, Jason Forbach and George Blagden were both in the running at various points during the week.