Theatre Threads: A Jaunt through Joly’s Closet & Marius’ Apparel



Joly is a rather eclectic fellow. He is described as the cheeriest one of the bunch which is reflected in his somewhat hippie-ish wardrobe. He has too many various “favorite” articles of clothing so when he can’t chooses which one he wants to wear, he’ll wear all of them together, regardless of whether or not they actually match.

The whimsical air of Jehan has rubbed off on Joly to an extent, but Joly has a much more grounded personality that brings a bit more boldness to his garments. Joly tends to steer away from excessively loud prints but uses colorful and fun accessories to brighten up his outfit and his mood. He also never leaves home without his favorite charm, which happens to pay homage to his medical studies.

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Marius is well-dressed, but only because he skims through tabloid/fashion magazines, and buys full outfits directly off the mannequins at his favorite stores. His style is not as unique as his friends; it is a bit more commercial and tailored to the current trends. His slight poseur style mirrors his not-really-in-the-club status with the Les Amis.

Marius’ style is (surprise, surprise) a little romantic, hence the soft, neutral colors and gold accents. However, he can also be stubborn and a bit foolhardy, so when he finds something he likes, he goes with it. He adorns himself with the same accessories nearly everyday, having not found a good enough reason to change them.

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