Theatre Threads: Brenda’s Summer Sportswear


Kerry Butler as Brenda in Catch Me If You Can

Brenda Strong, Frank Abagnale Jr.’s fiance in Catch Me If You Can,  is a beautifully naïve, charming, and free spirit. She absolutely loves summer and all of the clothing that comes along with it. Light blouses with girlish accents like ruffles, bows, and lace are her downfall. She tends to gravitate toward clothing with a vintage feel and style herself in the fashion of the 1960s (complete with bold sunglasses and head scarf).

These shorts are her favorite because they remind her of her candy-striping days! Brenda is unafraid to pair old and new looks, various vibrant colors and to mix and match patterns to create a harmonious and effortless summer chic look.

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