Theatre Threads: Combeferre’s Closet & Jehan’s Trousseau



Combeferre, the guide of the Les Amis, is a quiet but strong and brave presence. He is calm, cool, and collected at all times and wise beyond his years. His bookish ways are represented in his academic style. Combeferre loves to have fun, but finds himself truly at home in a library, full of historical books with yellowing pages and leather-bound covers. In fact, you’ll find his outfits remarkably reflective of this.

The accessories he bears are very symbolic of his place and importance in the group. Feuilly found the horseman brooch on one of his thrift shop outings and thought it suited Combeferre’s style very well: classic and indicative of leadership. The lighthouse bag represents Ferre’s beacon-like quality of being able to help direct the Les Amis while standing tall and noble, no matter what.

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The poet,  lover of flowers and all things beautiful, Jehan, chooses to envelop himself in a pastel color palette, dramatically contrasting the other Les Amis in their bold jewel tones. Jehan is just as strong and brave as his comrades, but has a much more sensitive side (as we all know) and loves to pick up wildflowers on the side of the road and put them in a makeshift wine bottle vase at the Café.

His style, much like his personality, is soft and inquisitive – sometimes whimsical. It is also a very pointed style; he knows exactly how he wants to dress and how he wants to look. He takes time with his appearance and never apologizes for what he wears. This enthusiasm and pride in his personal style also  appears in his passion for the revolutionary cause.

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  1. Found the Combeferre dress – I really want it now! :)

  2. Ugh! Jehan! That is perfect! Haha, and so my style, I love it!!! These are all so great! I want to buy everything now!