Theatre Threads: Courfeyrac, the Center (of Fashion)

We know that the Les Amis all perished in the name of their unsuccessful rebellion but most of us have imagined what would have happened if they survived or if they lived today.

Goodness knows that there is still enough unrest in the world today that they surely would be a part of a group promoting social change. Societal issues still run rampant and their passion hasn’t dwindled but have their closets evolved?

In the 19th century fashion was far more class and occupation oriented than nowadays. All of the students wore similar basic staples (as you’ll recall from the movie or the stage production) with slight differences in color or specific style, but there really wasn’t as much room to be creative.

This week we’re going to take a journey through the closets of the Les Amis in 2013. And to put a modern, (dare we say, revolutionary?) twist on things, instead of men’s fashion we’ll be catering to the ladies. I’ll be exploring each boy’s personalities through extracts of the book, musical and movie to piece together a relevant, modern look for everyone’s favorite barricade boys.



Courfeyrac is a total and complete prep. No matter how hard he tries to fight it. He cares about fashion and tries to act like he doesn’t, but he is going to be a lawyer, comes from a wealthy family, and a preppy wardrobe just seems inevitable. (He makes multiple comments in the book poking fun at Marius for wearing his dapper new clothes, but let’s be real, Courf’s just jealous.)

Courfeyrac is THAT guy who wears his watermelon green capris with the purple embroidered animals and neon pink boat shoes. At the same time. Because he is bold and playful and loves attention. Courfeyrac gets by on his charm, wit, and quirkiness, which his wardrobe is very reflective of.

Theme days are definitely his thing, hence this outfit. Enjolras informed the boys of the impending revolution and Courfeyrac put together this over the top, but patriotic to celebrate the occasion.

The watch was a gift from Enjolras. (…Anyone?)

Clarification: Courf most certainly did not wear both sweaters at once! He just brought the cardigan along to annoy Enjolras because of its striking similarity to his favorite vest.


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