Theatre Threads: Enjolras’ Ensemble & Gavroche’s Gamin Wear


Enjolras, a born leader and critic of all things “trivial”, does not have the same enthusiasm for fashion as fellow ABC member, Courfeyrac. That being said, for not ever spending more than five minutes shopping or getting ready, Enjolras always magically appears to look put together and fashionable. It’s rather fascinating.

Enjolras’ style is much more casual than Courf’s, but Enjolras still puts thought into his looks. He is always at the ready to spark an impromptu rally at any given moment and knows he should look the part. Hence his staple color, red. It is powerful, commands attention and shows a fiery spirit.

Excessive accessories weigh him down so he tries to pare down his outfits to only include the bare necessities.



In case you weren’t already aware, Gavroche is probably the coolest kid you’ll ever meet. He has a bolder sense of identity at age 11 then most people do at age 50. All of the Les Amis admire his intelligence, enthusiasm, and humor. (And they keep him around for his wit!)

Although dear little Gavroche is light-years ahead of his time in maturity, he also loves all of the things that young boys love: superheroes, comic books and most pop music. He does not hide his idolization of such comic book characters and thus proudly boasts the most slammin’ pair of kicks the streets of Paris have ever seen. Eponine even says that he associates the Les Amis with the good guys ready to take down the bad guys which is why he is so eager to help.

Gavroche likes to be in control of what he wears, unafraid to clash colors, prints, or even superheroes. Since his parents and sisters are never home, he doesn’t have to worry about their opinions of his outfits. He does and wears whatever he pleases.

For his birthday, all the Les Amis chipped in and bought him a nice pair of headphones, so that he can listen to all of his favorite music without blaring it through the speakers at the Café Musain.

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  1. Those Robin shoes! Gavroche would totes wear those :)