Theatre Threads: Katherine Plumber – ‘Newsies’


Katherine Plumber played by Kara Lindsay

Katherine Plumber, the ambitious, sassy, and independent reporter in Newsies, is just as bold and self-assured when she dresses. Even while using feminine colors, Katharine, played by Kara Lindsay, can still roll with the boys and adds accessories that remind everyone of that.

A fedora and suspenders add a touch of masculinity to an otherwise “girly” ensemble.

Katherine is not afraid to break a story or a fashion rule.

Combining pale colors with vibrant contrasting colors is a move Katherine does not hesitate to make!

Small accents pay homage to her love of newsprint, writing and her beloved typewriter. A writer should be inspired by everything, down to what they wear!

Walk confidently down the street wearing some threads like Katherine and just watch what happens.


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