Theatre Threads: Matilda’s Not-So-Matronly Mother

Matilda Sam S. Shubert Theatre

Lesli Margherita as Matilda’s mother, Mrs. Wormwood

Matilda’s mother, Mrs. Wormwood, boasts a bold personality but an even bolder wardrobe. The bright hues, contrasting patterns and ridiculous styles are very telling of her over-the-top ways and her flair for the dramatic. Although she is always ready for a ballroom dancing competition, a night out on the town would be another ideal way for her to spend an evening.

This flashy getup demands attention and oozes fun. She simply must be the center of attention wherever she is, hence the outlandish color scheme. A pair of studded orange stilettos matched with teal and violet sparkly accessories (including a trendy fascinator) are enough to draw attention, but when worn with a fitted magenta sheath dress with an avant garde ruffle collar, there is no option of looking away from this gaudy rainbow.

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  1. Can this please be a giveaway? I would love me some Wormwood attire!