Theatre Threads: Ralphie’s Winter Wardrobe



Ralphie in A Christmas Story

 This precocious young boy from the film-turned-musical A Christmas Story  has a very “my-mom-picked-my-clothes” style that is very endearing to audiences both young and old. He has a very simple wardrobe that oozes the essence of all that is retro and vintage.

Ralphie’s color palette is understated and full of neutrals but always very clean-cut and put together. A wool sweater, corduroy pants and a cable-knit hat exploit the wonderful textile textures of decades gone by. Although, let’s be real, Ralphie hates that wool sweater (much like his bunny pajamas) because it is far too itchy for his liking. Pair this vintage ensemble with the right glasses, Ovaltine secret decoder ring, and an undying obsession with getting a Red Rider B.B. Gun and you’ll capture Ralphie’s look in no time.

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