Tony Awards scheduled for June 9 but who should host?

Matthew Morrison and Hugh Jackman.

Matthew Morrison and Hugh Jackman.

The 67th Annual Tony Awards will air on CBS on June 9th. The award ceremony will be held at the Radio City Music Hall rather than the Beacon Theatre where it has been held for the last two years.

Nothing has been announced about prospective nominees or host, though we do know that the eligibility cut off date for the nominees are April 25th, and the nominees will be announced live from New York City on Tuesday, April 30th.

Personal speculation (or hoping, rather) is that Hugh Jackman could host the Awards (do people stop counting after three?), as he is a theatre veteran, and last year won the special award for Extraordinary Contribution to the Theatre Community. Once you win an award essentially for being amazing to a community, they have to let you come back and host, right? So: Known for theatre? Check. In a blockbuster movie based on the longest running musical? Check. Being Hugh Jackman? Check. Seems he checks out. Plus, then we could have another sing-off with Neil Patrick Harris.

Other, more likely, speculation of who could host includes Tom Hanks and Bette Midler, as well as Alec Baldwin, and Nathan Lane who are all performing on stage right now. However, the one that caught my eye was the New York Daily News, who seems to think Jane Lynch would be perfect. It wouldn’t be the first time the Glee world has crossed into the Tony Awards, from performances by Lea Michele and Matthew Morrison to the butt of many jokes by Neil Patrick Harris in the last two years. Plus, with Jane Lynch’s Broadway debut in Annie, and her following, and being known for being funny, it would seem to be a perfect fit.

But since Hugh Jackman has an accent we all melt for and Les Miserables continues to be a hot topic of discussion, I’m rooting for him to host. It most likely won’t happen but I can keep my fingers crossed.

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