Top 5: Musicals that should release a mobile app

Disney’s Newsies on Broadway recently released a photo booth app which allows the user to insert their favorite newsies into their own photos. While the app is meant for people to use as a way for people to insert the newsies into pictures, there have been some rather funny alternate uses including misplacing the newsies in various historic and cultural settings. A favorite was a photo of Davey, played by Ben Fankhauser, standing tall beside London’s Big Ben clock.

But now that Newsies has made the leap into the world of technology, here’s to hoping that some shows are going to follow in the technological footsteps. Here are my top five musical theatre apps of the future:

rock of ages

Rock of Ages: Who doesn’t love the wild harmonies of Rock of Ages? Following the path of games like “Guitar Hero” and “Tap, Tap Revenge,” I would love to see the songs of this musical in interactive game form. This rock score is based on the beats of classic songs of the genre and would fit perfectly in with this type of game. In accordance with the addictive nature of these games, these songs in their new harmonies would be a great contribution to the app world.


MatildaMatilda is such a fun-loving, and mischievous little girl, and I would love to be beside her at every moment. She manages to pull of all of the pranks that we wished we could have pulled at her age. Just being a little kid again and thinking in the way that she thinks in itself could make a fun game. The fun score to this musical would create a worthy soundtrack to the virtual pranks in the game.


CinderellaNo matter what age a girl is going to be, she is always going to want to dress up as Cinderella. So, a dress up game would be perfect for this new Rodgers and Hammerstein musical. The costumes vary from rags to riches throughout the show and so would the costumes in the game. Based off of the gorgeous costumes featured in the show, technology makes it easy for these ball gowns beyond our wildest dreams to appear in front of us. I know that a dress up game seems to be for young kids but who wouldn’t want their very own prince or princess to dress whenever they wanted?


OnceKaraoke! Okay, so maybe you couldn’t use it on the subway or whilst walking down the street (or maybe you could). But in all seriousness, the music of Once is catching. You find yourself humming the tunes as you walk down the hallways or down the sidewalk and as you’re sitting in a rush line at six o’clock in the morning. The app would be fixed with partner vocals so that you could sing with your very own Steve Kazee or Cristina Milloti, but better yet, you could sing with friends to the backing tracks from the show. For a show that is so centered on life-changing music, what could be better?


Spiderman, Turn Off the Dark: Following the lead of “Fun Run” and “Subway Surf,” can you imagine what it would be like to follow Spiderman through the city of New York from the Green Goblin? Or what it would be like to rescue Mary Jane Watson from a burning building? Paired with the fantastic and upbeat score of the musical, this game would be a hit that even Peter Parker would love to play.


What musical would you love to see become an interactive app? Do you have an idea for an app based on a musical? Tell me about it in the comments!

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  1. Whether it’s an app or in hard copy, I want a copy of “The Book of Arnold.” I think Peter and the Starcatcher could release a cool app too.