Top 5 reasons to get excited for Big Fish‘s big splash on Broadway

Big Fish Official Logo

Big Fish Official Logo

Both film and theatre fans should rejoice: Big Fish is premiering its first preview tonight at the Neil Simon Theatre!

Based on the novel of the same title and the well-known film, the new musical focuses on the thrilling and epic tales of Edward Bloom, a man who passes his prized stories along to his young son Will. As Edward draws close to the end of his life, Will is determined to decipher the facts from the myths, and discovers the truth about his father along the way.

There are about a million and a half reasons to see this musical, but until its open on Broadway, below are just five reasons to get pumped for this phenomenal show while you’re waiting to grab tickets!

  1. The cast. First and foremost, three words: Norbert Leo Butz. There is no one more appropriate to play Edward than Norbert. Not only does he have a set of pipes that could impress anyone, his subtle charm is a great match to bring Edward’s modest personality yet marvelous stories to life. The musical will also feature the incomparable Kate Baldwin and Bobby Steggert, along with Zachary Unger, Krystal Joy Brown, and Ciara Renee. This much talent in one production should not be allowed! It is thrilling to think about how all of these amazing performers will work together on stage.
  2. The score. Visionary Andrew Lippa has composed beautiful songs for this piece, including “Time Stops,” “Robots,” and, my personal favorite, “Fight the Dragons.” Each with irresistibly catchy melodies and gorgeous lyrics, Big Fish is sure to be jam-packed with tunes you’ll be humming while walking down 52nd following the show. And, as aforementioned, the wonderful cast is sure to do this score justice!
  3. Susan Stroman. With this genius behind the direction and choreography, we know that the show is in capable hands to say the least! There is no doubt that Susan will hit this out of the park. After seeing the set-up of the stage and the performances of Norbert and Kate in footage of the pre-Broadway tryout with their emotional duet “Time Stops,” we’ve already received a delightful taste of what Susan has been cooking up!
  4. The aesthetics of it all. Big Fish is going to be visually stunning. After seeing production photos showing an enormous field of yellow flowers with a cloudy sky backdrop, frilly and fun chorus girl costumes with red, white, and blue stars and stripes, and a cannon intended to shoot a human through the air, this musical will definitely be a sight to see!
  5. The story and the promise of a slew of new theatre fans. Big Fish will definitely have fans flocking to the Neil Simon Theatre because of the hit film by the same name. The plot is magical and simply heart-warming, and not only will fans of the movie come to see the show, but it might also encourage those theatre fans who haven’t already seen the film to do so. The story behind the piece is timeless and the show will help it to live a second life for a new generation of people to love.

Best of luck to the cast and crew of Big Fish as they move closer toward their grand debut. See you soon!

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