Top 5 reasons to get your hands on a Hardbody cast recording

The 'Hands on a Hardbody' ensemble.

The ‘Hands on a Hardbody’ ensemble.

Guess what, Hardbody Heads? (Is that a legitimate fan nickname, or did I just make that up? Let’s go with it.)

The Hands on a Hardbody cast recording will be available for digital download on July 9 with a CD release set for August 13!

Now I know what you’re probably thinking. Here at Stage Door Dish I’ve pretty much become the go-to gal for all things Hardbody. I’m constantly writing about it and trying to express how much it means to me and that usually comes across pretty strongly. So, I’m going to make this short, sweet, and to the point: Buy this album. Not convinced? Here are five reasons:

  1.  It’s summertime! Trust me on this, Hands on the Hardbody is going to become the first CD you’ll pop in when you’re driving with your windows down on the way to the beach. Catchy, upbeat tunes such as “Human Drama Kind of Thing,” “Burn That Bridge,” and, of course, the title song are essential to your playlists for July and August. In general, this cast album will be perfect for road trips and just to listen to while driving. Come on, that’s a no-brainer.
  2. If you never got the chance to see this show live, it will be easy for you to catch up with each character’s story. The plot of Hardbody is touchingly beautiful and will have you laughing and crying at the same time. The cast recording will definitely capture those emotions and many more. After all, this score did receive a TONY nomination. (Did I just go there? Yes I did.)
  3. Track #8. Yes, this alone should be a reason to purchase the album. In this article I set up what happens right before “Joy of the Lord”; those few, irresistibly gleeful moments where Keala Settle had an entire theatre cracking up just because of her own contagious laughter. Those chuckles scored their own track on the album. According to recent press releases, the eighth track is called “Uncontrollable Laughter” and the song following that is “Joy of the Lord.” This is going to be awesome. Not to mention there is also another fun bonus track called “The Tryers,” which is a song that was cut from the show.
  4. Speaking of this cast, aren’t you so excited to finally hear everyone’s solos? “My Problem Right There” and “Born in Laredo” are gems that you’ll be pressing the repeat button for all day long, featuring the incredible talents of underrated stars Jacob Ming-Trent and Jon Rua respectively. Prepare to cry at “God Answered My Prayers” and “Stronger” though.
  5. This musical deserves to have a second life so until it’s playing all over the country with a national tour (which is something that needs to happen) people will be able to relive the magic of the original production through this cast recording, which is bound to have its listeners wondering how this show closed in the first place.

You’ll be laughing, crying, and questioning why this incredible show was so short-lived upon listening to these wonderful songs. Make sure to buy your copy this summer!

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2 Responses

  1. The official name is Fans on a Hardbody (or Fanbodies) as decided one night by Hunter Foster and Carmel Dean.

    I’m not obsessed or anything. Not at all.

    • That’s better than what I came up with…and if Hunter said it, it’s fine with me!! :) And of course, I completely understand the obsession!