Tweeter of the Week: Alistair Brammer brings his love of learning to fans with puzzles and trivia

Alistair Brammer.

Alistair Brammer.

Fans of both the film and 25th Anniversary Concert versions of Les Miserables will remember being charmed by Alistair Brammer as the gentle-natured poet, Jean Prouvaire.  The West End actor, who is well-known among fans of the London production of Les Mis for his run as Marius at the Queen’s Theatre and is currently in War Horse, is also known for his sometimes very active Twitter account, where he does everything from interact with fans to make off-beat observations about science documentaries.

One only has to spend a small amount of time on Brammer’s Twitter to discover his passion for numbers, mathematical puzzles and science trivia, as well as his occasional commentary on the nature of social media.  Whether it’s posing math and logic puzzles to his fans or wondering aloud about the nature of the universe, here are ten of Alistair Brammer’s best math and science tweets!


Ali 1


Ali 9


Ali 2


Ali 11


Ali 3


Ali 6


Ali 7


Ali 8

(For our American readers: a fortnight is two weeks.)


Ali 5


Ali 4

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  1. You forget the part where he also loves to correct spelling mistakes/comment on peoples spelling 😉