Tweeter of the Week: David Thaxton’s off-kilter commentary on coffee mugs, football, and everything else

David Thaxton as Giorgio in "Passion."

David Thaxton in “Passion.”

West End actor David Thaxton is most well-known to fans for redefining the role of Enjolras in Les Misérables, as well as for his roles in Passion and Love Never Dies, but his Twitter account is filled with interesting observations and clever commentary on everything from coffee mug sizes, to politics, to whatever novel he happens to be reading.

Whether he’s talking about his band, Unborn Twin‘s latest show, or going on an impassioned rant about the latest football match, there’s never really a dull moment on David Thaxton’s Twitter!


Thacko 6


Thacko 10


Thacko 5


Thacko 8


Thacko 7
Thacko 7pic


Thacko 1


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And for those readers who have patiently waited for a Les Misérables-related tweet, you shall not be disappointed.  Here is one of the many opinions that he voiced about the film after seeing it (and which echoes the thoughts of many fans):

Thacko Bonus

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  1. This is marvellous!. So much love to dear David Thaxton.