Where ‘Glee’ might travel for seasons five and six


It’s time for Glee fans to rejoice as Fox’s hit show has been renewed for not one, but two more seasons.

There has been no word out yet on which cast members are returning, which are leaving, or if the show will be set in New York, Ohio or both.

Although a lot of possibilities are still up in the air, one thing is for sure and that is the show will be returning.

The big question is: Does Glee have enough material left in it to keep it going for two more seasons? Two seasons seems a little bit excessive for a show that has been losing viewers but it’s hard to deny the power of a fandom as strong as Glee’s. On top of that, you never know what writers Brad Falchuk and Ryan Murphy have in store, so my guess is that they have a few tricks up their sleeves to keep the show going.

Like any show, a season renewal can either mean the show will take a forward thinking, exciting new direction, or the show will just drag on.

With Glee’s many relationships and characters the possibilities for new plotlines are endless. There are so many things that can be done with the show in the next two seasons, and here are a few:

1. Rachel Berry on Broadway – Fans have become as invested in Rachel Berry’s dreams as she is.  What would be really fun to see is Rachel’s experiences on Broadway and have her deal with a particularly sassy understudy who doesn’t want to see her succeed. There is also potential for casting of a young Broadway actress for this role. Krysta Rodriquez, anyone?

2. Kurt Hummel, king of NYADA, and his sidekick, Blaine Anderson – After a stellar performance in the Winter Showcase and beating Rachel Berry in a diva-off, Kurt has gained the respect of many NYADA students. It would be interesting to see Kurt finally being at the top of the food chain especially because he would not be rude about it, instead he’d probably use his powers for good. Blaine will without a doubt go to NYADA next season (because why would the writers separate them?) but with Kurt’s successes, Blaine will surely feel left behind and wonderful drama will occur.

3. The New Directions visit New York – Considering that it’s obvious that a huge chunk of the glee club members will end up in New York next year, the remaining members of the New Directions and the newbies will start thinking about where to go. Imagine Marley, Jake, Ryder, and Unique visiting New York schools and having Mckinley graduates help guide them to find out what school is best suited for them. I imagine Marley will need a push from Kurt and Rachel to pursue NYADA and that Santana will give Unique some growing advice.

There are infinite possibilities for the future of Glee. We can only hope that the writing staff brings us new and innovative plot lines and developments in the seasons to come. Can Glee last the next two seasons? Only time will tell. Until then, we might as well enjoy the last few episodes. Who knows what cliff-hangers we can expect from the finale?

My hopes? Just ship everyone off to New York. Who needs continuity or realism?  What are you hoping for in the next two seasons?  Let me know in the comments!

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