Will ‘Les Mis’ star Samantha Barks make her Broadway debut in ‘Oliver’?

Samantha Barks

Samantha Barks

Broadway fans may soon have the chance to see Samantha Barks reprise her role of Nancy in Oliver!

Earlier this week the Daily Mail reported that Cameron Mackintosh is in the process of bringing Lionel Bart’s Oliver! to Broadway and later to the big screen, with hopes of Stephen Daldry directing. Oliver!, already a movie, first came to the silver screen in the 1968 version directed by Carol Reed. The movie then went on to win six Oscars including Best Movie and Best Director.

While the movie, which would have an original screenplay as well as new songs, wouldn’t be in work until 2016, there is talk of Mackintosh wanting Barks as Nancy.

British actress Barks has recently made a name for herself as Eponine in Tom Hooper’s blockbuster Les Miserables, a role she played in London in 2012 and again for the 25th Anniversary Concert at the Royal Albert Hall.

The role of Nancy would not be unfamiliar to Barks. In 2008 Barks was on the BBC search I’d Do Anything, for a chance to play Nancy in Cameron Mackintosh’s revival of Oliver! While Bark came in third, she had recently had her chance at the role and finished her run before filming Les Miserables.

Although both stage and film revivals are a while away, and no timeline has been set for production or cast, many fans would love a chance to see Barks reprise her role in Oliver! on Broadway.

Les Miserables is personally one of my favorite musicals of all time, and like many girls Eponine is a favorite character. After seeing multiple stage and film versions, Barks’ portrayal quickly became a favorite. However, have never seeing Oliver! learning about Barks’ possible involvement caused me to do some research. Fans are even able to find videos of her singing As Long as He Needs Me from Oliver! while she was on I’d Do Anything. She is quite an amazing Nancy and hopefully she comes to Broadway for a while.

For those fans overseas in the UK, you won’t have to wait as long to see Barks’ newest project. She has recently started filming The Christmas Candle, a British holiday movie. The film is based on a novella by Max Lucado by the same title. The story takes place in an1890s English village where candles begin to answer the prayers of the village residents.

Starring alongside Barks in this yuletide film is music star Susan Boyle. This is Boyle’s film debut. The singer became an overnight sensation in 2009 when she sang I Dreamed a Dream on Britain’s Got Talent and blew the judges and audience away.

There is no sign of this being a musical, but a duet between Barks and Boyle would definitely be something to look forward to.

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4 Responses

  1. I wouldn’t mind seeing her in a broadway revival.I thought she was an okay Eponine,a bit too ‘nice’,but Nancy works better when an actress plays her as nice so…
    I’m skeptical of her doing it in a movie in 2016 though.Isn’t Nancy supposed to be in her early thirties?At any rate I would kind of like to see an unknown get that role.Maybe another west end/broadway actress like Teal Wicks,Rachel Tucker, or Nancy Sullivan.Although most likely they’ll end up getting a star like Anne Hathaway which would be okay but predictable.

  2. I thought she was just okay in Les Mis.Great vocals but acting wise she didn’t give the character anything that Taylor Swift couldn’t have.
    That said I wouldn’t mind seeing her as Nancy if she decides to make her Broadway debut.A friend of mine who also disliked her Eponine saw her in the tour and said she was much better in that.So count me on board.

  3. Samantha as Nancy??? YES!!! Also, a new film version would be incredible! I just hope that the “new songs” don’t mean that the ones from the original score are taken out. That would be a total buzzkill. :(

  4. 1) I would LOVE to see her on Broadway. I always need an excuse to go to NYC.

    2) Am i reading it right that they an Oliver remake would have a different score? WHAT? WHY?