Winner of ‘Les Mis’ album signed by Fra Fee announced

Fra Fee. Photo credit:

Fra Fee. Photo credit:

The wait is over!

I want to send a huge thank you to Fra for taking time out of his New York holiday to hang out with me and sign the cast recording.

Before I get to the good part (though who am I kidding, you have already scrolled to the bottom to read the name of the winner), I want to thank everyone for participating and your enthusiasm.

I had no idea the Les Miserables fandom was so powerful.

It’s been so fun chatting with all of you on Tumblr and Twitter and I look forward to bringing even more Les Mis content to for your reading pleasure.

(This is where I would plug the George Blagden interview but most of you have already tapped your foot and insisted I hurry up and publish it…)

To the winner, remember that although the cover has some imperfections since it nearly flew off the roof, it’s what Fra described as something that could be fixed by a quick staple job. The album itself has never been taken out of the case.

The winner of the Les Miserables cast recording signed by Fra Fee is…

(Now, if you would, imagine a dramatic drum roll…)

Tumblr User: the-power-of-enjolsass

Please remember that this will not be our last giveaway, nor will it be our last Les Mis giveaway, so keep following and reading! And if you enjoyed this giveaway and are feeling generous, check out our donation page.

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