Winners of ‘Next to Normal’ and ‘Leap of Faith’ giveaways announced

Sorry for the delay! I have no excuse except for it’s been busy around here lately.

And since it’s still busy, I’ll skip to the good parts.

The winner of the Leap of Faith cast recording is Tumblr user: ididnotbloguntiltoday

The winner of the Next to Normal cast recording is Twitter user: ‏@KelliAnn84

Both winners have been contacted. If they fail to reply within 72 hours, it will be assumed that they have gone missing or they are not interested in collecting their prizes in which a new winner will be randomly selected by

If you enjoy participating with StageDoorDish giveaways and would like to see them continue in the future, please consider making a small donation to offset the cost of shipping (who else ships internationally for their giveaways!), fees associated with and other maintenance fees.

Thanks and congratulations to the winners!

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