Without You, memoir written by Anthony Rapp, voted as SDD’s first selection for book club

Anthony Rapp reading from "Without You."

Anthony Rapp reading from “Without You.”

It has been years since Anthony Rapp wore the classic black and white scarf and performed the role of Mark Cohen at the Nederlander Theatre but StageDoorDish.com will bring the magic of the Tony Award winning musical Rent back to life with the first selection for our new book club.

Without You, a memoir written by Rapp, focuses on Rapp’s involvement with the iconic production and his private life behind the scenes.

For those who were curious the final breakdown came to 17 votes for Without You and 10 votes for the runner-up novel Wicked.

Now we can get to the fun part.

The goal is to read one book a month even though we’re starting on an odd week (why wait until the end of the month?) Each week we will have a post for discussing the memoir and additional forms of contact, including Google+ Hangouts which are very fun and a great way to interact as a group, might be integrated at a later time should there be interest for it.

So now, as I hold my copy of Without You, I am wondering what the group would like to do. Can we read the first 75 pages by next Thursday? Do we need to wait a week for everyone to get their hands on the book? Let me know!


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9 Responses

  1. Wait a week and set a deadline to get it by. And publicize the start date so I can join!!!

  2. Can’t wait to read again. I loved it the first time around. We should figure out how to integrate the musical he made out of it into this somehow. (Actually, it might be a play. I’m not sure how it’s classified.) The recording of it is on iTunes and it’s WONDERFUL.

  3. This is a wonderful book and very touching. I had the opportunity to hear Mark speak about it four years ago and can’t wait to read it again!

  4. For anyone who needs to order a copy, I got mine from Amazon in less than 48 hours. They also offer free shipping in many cases, which is a definite plus!

  5. I definitely need a few days at the very least to get my hands on the book. Between recording and classes, I personally am going to need a bit of time! Definitely still interested though!

  6. I love this book! I actually read it when it first came out (read: the height of my RENT obsession) so I’m looking forward to re-living it through the book club.

  7. Also, sorry for the double comment, but it’d probably be easier if we said to read to chapter so and so, rather than page numbers, since they vary by edition. I personally like reading books on my ereader, and they never match up with paper copies with all the varying font sizes.

    • Oh definitely, I would choose the chapter closest to page 75 so we’re reading the same amount each week.

  8. A week is so loooong. xD Though I will need a few days to get my hands on it. Can’t wait to get started!